Together, Like a Family for More than 17 Years

Red Oak Industries is a NonProfit Organization that was established in 2006 by Adult & Child Health and Centerstone Mental Health. We provide an environment for individuals with disabilities to grow and thrive in the workforce. We proudly continue to make headway and offer a variety of services and new skills for both our Clients and our Employees.

Red Oak Industries exists to create lasting employment opportunities for people with disabilities of all kinds. We, as a company, combines disabled and non-disabled employees in an integrated and normative environment This helps our employees substantially improve their quality of life. It also helps us have a stable workforce.

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Meet Our Team Leaders

Melanie Zimmerman

Executive Director

Melanie started her journey with Red Oak Industries on the ground level. She, as a Job Coach, helped advise and be a part of deciding exactly what Red Oak Industries stood for. She helped to decide what was needed to offer, not only for the Clientele, but the Employees as well. For the last several years Melanie has lead ROI to it’s current expansion. She continues to strive to offer the best Employment Opportunity for all ROI Employees.

(317) 373-9767

Kimberly Eckert

Assistant Director

Kimberly began working for Red Oak Industries in 2016 as a cleaner. From there she moved her way up to Human Resources to Assistant Director. Kimberly works tirelessly with all Employee needs. She also ensures that ROI is following all procedures, policies, techniques, and standards with inspections. In doing this it strengthens the bond between ROI and it’s Employees.

(812) 350-5244